• Harnessing Your Superpowers

Harnessing Your Superpowers

Several years ago, a now-retired partner posed an interesting question when she first joined the firm. She asked – What is your superpower?

Without hesitation, I answered “teaching, coaching, mentoring” as it has become clear to me throughout my public accounting career that being a successful auditor and business advisor required the ability to train and develop other team members.

The public accounting profession requires constant learning. The renewal of our CPA licenses requires it for a good reason; the business environment and the rules are constantly changing. Many years ago, when I worked for a national firm, I was tapped to teach at their annual staff training conferences. That experience led me to become a part-time professor at California State University, Fullerton, where I taught an auditing class each semester for 21 years. I realize that those overt teaching examples are just the most visible examples of how I utilize my superpower every day. Not a day goes by that I do not have an opportunity to teach something to a team member, impart knowledge to a client or non-profit organization that I serve, or assist someone with mapping their future in our profession, specifically at our firm.

If you pursue a career in public accounting, your education will not end once you graduate college or complete the CPA exams, so ensure your future employers have a strong training program.

At Haskell & White, it’s part of our Mission “…to provide unparalleled levels of coaching and leadership for our personnel such that all stakeholders prosper.” Helping each team member develop their superpower is essential to our Mission. Haskell & White does this by providing opportunities that are of most interest to them. Individuals can work with different industries and business structures while they hone their skills in auditing or tax.

Each person at Haskell & White is assigned a professional development counselor to help advise on career development. All our employees have access to our partners and senior team members with our open-door atmosphere. We help in setting and achieving goals that affect both professional and personal development. Through our process of career development, each person will teach, mentor, and coach each other in our Haskell & White community. The variety of experience, technical training, and professional development prepare you ultimately for your role as a valued business advisor. “Advisor” is synonymous with coach, mentor, and teacher.

If you are looking for a dynamic, growth-oriented environment, Haskell & White may just be the place for you. At Haskell & White, we help you harness your superpower to build your career and future.

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