• Your Public Accounting Career Isn’t on Hold: How to Find Success at an Accounting Firm in the New Normal

Your Public Accounting Career Isn’t on Hold: How to Find Success at an Accounting Firm in the New Normal

The coronavirus pandemic has introduced many unprecedented challenges and opportunities to the professional service sector. On the podcast Beyond the Resume, our director of recruiting, Nancy Weber-Brough, recently shared how Haskell & White has managed to find continued success in the new economy, and offered tips for people seeking employment at an accounting firm.

As Nancy discussed, the keys to our—and our clients’—success are flexibility and creativity. By utilizing new technology and embracing a remote work culture, we’ve seen increased revenues and actually improved quality of life for our employees. Nancy also stressed the importance of creating a collaborative workspace. It’s critical to support employees during these difficult times, whether that means coaching them on time management or banding together to support those who have been directly affected by the pandemic.

If you’re seeking employment at public accounting firms in Orange County (or elsewhere), here are some tips from Nancy to help you stand out.

  • Communication is key. Working at an accounting firm has always required excellent communication skills, but the move to remote work has made them more important than ever. Employees must be adept at communicating both in-person and virtually.
  • Get uncomfortable. The new economy requires employees to engage in creative problem solving and adapt to new technologies more than ever. Candidates who actively seek out opportunities to grow their skillset and engage with new ideas are highly valued.
  • Pivot and prosper. We anticipate that many of the changes introduced in the “new normal” are here to stay. Whatever your experience level, approach these changes as opportunities that you can capitalize on, rather than hoping things will go back to the way they were.

To listen to the full interview and get an inside look at Haskell & White, click here.

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