Who We Serve

Propelling Middle-Market Companies Forward with Decades of Expertise

With more than 35 years of expertise, we help middle-market public, private, and nonprofit organizations prepare and adapt with unrivaled agility, expertise, and dedication.

The Companies We Serve

Focusing on the middle market, from public companies maneuvering through SEC complexities, private firms, or nonprofits seeking regulatory expertise, we are your trusted tax preparation and advisory partners.

Discover unparalleled service solutions catered to the versatile middle market – be it public entities, newly private enterprises, or nonprofits. Embark on a journey with us, your dependable tax consultants and strategic allies.

Public Companies

Work with a partner that is passionate about public companies and offers unwavering assistance. Deadlines never stop, and we keep you ready for the next one. Stay on top of SEC regulations so you are better prepared for audits. With our expert teams by your side, compliance and target achievement become second nature.

Private Companies

Grow your company with confidence with Haskell & White as your partners, advising on everything from tax planning and profit improvement to expansion and exit plans and compliance.

Nonprofit Organizations

Do more good with our experienced nonprofit assurance and tax services, from overcoming complex regulatory hurdles to navigating compliance and reporting.

Experience the Guidance of Industry Experts

Our team of experts possess diverse backgrounds and decades of experience in mastering regulatory environments, capitalizing on emerging trends, setting and achieving benchmarks, and evaluating risks and rewards.

Where Expertise Meets Personalized Service

We’re experts in uncovering opportunities, minimizing challenges, and maximizing success for middle-market companies at every stage of development. Our team of distinguished industry professionals is there when you need us, delivering deep expertise and sophisticated accounting solutions.