Career Path

Rise to the top with stellar accounting jobs in Orange County and San Diego

Not all accounting jobs in Orange County and San Diego are created equal. We offer the opportunities to gain experience while making sure you get to connect with clients. We are dedicated to encouraging your growth and supporting your success so you can stretch your skills and stay inspired. When you achieve the level of professional accomplishment you desire, everybody wins. At Haskell & White, your career continuum is clearly defined. Chart a course for your future and advance through it as quickly as possible. We stand behind you, however far you wish to go.

At whatever level you join our team, our accounting jobs in Orange County and San Diego offer a clear progression of positions within all service areas. Take a look at the direction your career can take.

Staff Accountant

Recent college graduates or professionals with limited experience enjoy the title of Staff Accountant, our firm’s entry level position. We also provide extensive on-the-job training which establishes a solid foundation for your future career growth.

In-Charge Associate

Staff accountants who have shown leadership on their engagements and possess the technical proficiency will be promoted to in-charge associate. They have similar qualifications to a senior accountant, but In-charge associates are still working on their requirements to become a certified public accountant.

Senior Accountant

Our Senior Accountants generally have at least two to three years of public accounting or other qualifying experience and are licensed CPAs. You will be responsible for the day-to-day completion of audit or tax engagements from beginning to end. Senior Accountants take a direct role in training and supervising staff-level team members assigned to your engagements. This combined responsibility makes the role of a Senior a most challenging position.


Drawing on your base of 5-8 years of experience, you will be responsible for handling several client engagements simultaneously. You’ll maintain client relationships and develop a referral network for business development. As a Manager, you will possess a high-level understanding of business and industry concepts, and use these as a foundation for providing proactive advice to current and prospective clients.

Senior Manager

Once you have effectively developed the skills of a Manager, as a Senior Manager you will be tasked with handling increasingly complex client situations and may, at times, supervise managers and the balance of the client service team. You will become increasingly involved in Firm management and will maintain a network of contacts to increase your visibility in the community. Our Senior Managers, Principals and Partners comprise the “Executive Group,” which meets regularly to address Firm strategic and operating initiatives.


A Principal at Haskell & White is a unique level that can be a career destination or the final stepping stone on your track to becoming a Partner. As a Principal, you possess technical capabilities on par with the Firm’s Partners and will be assigned the full duties and responsibilities of Partners including handling client relationships, some of which (particularly in the audit and attest arena) are overseen by Partners; community involvement; and certain administrative duties. You will be encouraged to hone these skill areas as you progress toward candidacy for Partner.


If you are a candidate for Partner at Haskell & White, you will likely have at least 12 years of experience in public accounting. At this level, you will have proven to be an exceptionally skilled technician, personnel supervisor, client account manager and business advisor. As a Partner, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining client relationships; reviewing and approving technical work products; and overall firm administration.