Does Spring Cleaning Apply to Businesses?

Spring is a time to clean out the cobwebs and make our home fresh again for many of us. But, what about our businesses? You might ask yourself if any aspects of your business need “spring cleaning”. While the first quarter of the year will be focused on compiling and presenting last year’s data, it also provides the perfect time to identify key initiatives to improve your operations and set the stage for growth for the current year and years ahead.

What needs to be done to support future growth? What other objectives have been identified that may require substantial resources and effort from your team?

With Spring right around the corner, what better time to look at ways to streamline your processes, remove nonperforming items from your product or service lines, and remove any wasteful activities or low ROI investments or expenditures. Once identified, how easy will that change be to implement? Is your team ready for that change? Or will you hit roadblocks? We are no strangers to change over the last two years, but if there is no external force, like a pandemic, mandating the change, you should consider strategic planning as a key element to aid in focusing your future.

Predict your Change Success by using our Diagnostic

Finding success in new initiatives is fleeting for most, as 70% of change initiatives fail! But wait, we didn’t fail to move our businesses to remote operations or operate with safety protocols during the pandemic or many of the other changes we faced. Our readiness, capability, and beliefs all aligned with the goal during that time. How do we get that exact alignment with initiatives we are planning now? Look at all the factors that contribute to change success by taking the Change Success Diagnostic in our website’s Resources Section. Sometimes, the best initiatives are stymied because the optimum environmental conditions are not right to allow for change.

Our Firm has utilized this Change Success Diagnostic to evaluate the potential for success of various initiatives in the past. It will answer questions such as these: Is there a champion who leads the initiative? Do key people in your organization support and believe in the project? See how you and your team align on readiness, capability, and beliefs for projection on your probability of success! Invite your team members to complete the Change Success Diagnostic for a goal you are tackling together.

If you have a personal goal in mind, fill out the personal Change Success Diagnostics in the Resources Section. If you would like to discuss your Change Success Diagnostic, please contact Wayne Pinnell at 949-450-6200 or I can’t wait to hear from you on what change you are tackling this Spring!