Check-up on the health of your business with these diagnostics

Haskell & White offers four different analytic diagnostics that only take five minutes each to complete. With the dramatic changes occurring in our daily lives, identifying areas in your business that need attention has never been so important.  Which diagnostic is right for you? Here is a short description of each diagnostic’s objective:

About each Diagnostic

Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) – The GPS Diagnostic prioritizes your business issues and opportunities. Take five minutes to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

Change Success Diagnostic – This diagnostic separates out the factors that will contribute to a successful change. Do you have everything in place to make the necessary changes your business needs right now?

Leadership Diagnostic – Discover your leadership strengths and weaknesses to address. Complete as an individual or have each member of your team complete.

Change Success Personal Diagnostic – Have you identified a personal change you want to make? Is everything in place to make this change? The results will give you an idea of how to increase your chance of success.