Five Tips: Getting More Value From Your Company’s CPA Firm

Getting more value from your company’s CPA firm

  1. Define and evaluate expectations. At the beginning of your relationship with a new Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm, spend ample time explaining your expectations and concerns. Allowing new CPAs to understand your organization’s needs fully will enable them to create a solid strategy for assisting your business while meeting your needs as the owner of the business.
  2. Do your homework. Before choosing a CPA firm, evaluate the industry expertise of potential suitors. Aligning with a firm that has expertise in your industry will shorten the learning curve.
  3. Communicate regularly. Keep your CPA informed of changes in your business. Establish a schedule for communication that is comfortable for both parties. During that time, discuss key financial issues and the best strategy for each situation.
  4. Do not keep secrets. Your CPA is not a mind reader. Consult your CPA before completing an important transaction to avoid tax, accounting and other regulatory complications down the road.
  5. Help your CPA understand your business. Send your CPA important literature about your company. The more your CPA firm knows about your business, the better it will be able to help you grow and achieve goals.