Attracting and Keeping Quality Employees

Wayne Pinnell, managing partner at CPA firm Haskell & White in Irvine, offers these five tips…

  1. Offer a comprehensive lineup of benefits. This includes top-notch health care, educational reimbursement and training programs. Allow for alternative work schedules, including part-time and flex-time. This will help you keep the employees you value when their life situations change and will attract individuals seeking a progressive environment.
  2. Keep compensation competitive. While alternative work schedules and great benefits will often keep quality employees glued to your organization, competitive compensation structures will attract the cream-of-the-crop job candidates.
  3. Create a challenging and rewarding work environment. A challenging position carries prestige and reduces the risk of employee boredom. Create opportunities for employees to try new and challenging tasks on a regular basis.
  4. Manage your organization’s image. The best and the brightest want to work for companies with stellar reputations. Use advertising and public-relations efforts to promote your organization’s successes.
  5. Acknowledge employees for a job well done. They will be more inclined to stay with an organization where their work is valued and appreciated. Create a company policy for regular employee-appreciation events and awards.