• Vacations Are an Asset – an Orange County CPA Firm’s Perspective

    This summer I took my first three-week vacation, and I learned a great deal about preparing for a successful vacation. With the holidays just around the corner, taking some time away to re-charge may be just what you need to finish the year strong. However, without making the conscious effort to plan time away from […]

  • Top 10 Fraud Prevention Tips for Business Owners and CEOs

    Given the number of stories in the news, the phishing scams delivered to our email, and the portrayal of crazy schemes in movies, I am often asked for some practical tips that a business owner might consider to safeguard their business from fraud. Here are my top ten practical tips on protecting your business against […]

  • Telling Your Business’ Story for a Successful Exit

    I was recently speaking to a group of business owners, and when asked how many had received unsolicited offers to invest or buy their business outright, half the hands in the room shot up. I was a little surprised, but with the amount of undeployed cash held by private equity firms, it makes sense why […]

  • Real Estate Financial Reporting: GAAP vs. Income Tax Basis

    Whether you’re forming a new real estate entity, or whether you’re considering refinancing an existing one, owners and managers of real estate entities should recognize that this is an opportunity to consider changing their financial reporting method. New lender requirements can often be negotiated, and a possible change in reporting method may better fit your […]

  • Preventing Occupational Fraud

    Occupational fraud is much more common than most CEOs think. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Inc.’s “2018 Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse,” businesses worldwide lost over $7 billion to fraud in 2018.  Moreover, small- and medium-sized organizations seem to be at higher risk. The median loss of identified […]

  • 7 Wasteful Habits That Stifle Productivity (and Profitability)

    If efficiency is one of the primary drivers of profitability, why do so many businesses waste assets—physical, financial, and human—with such regularity? Solving this age-old problem is the basis of “lean production,” a modern offshoot of the Toyota Production System (TPS) which was the management/production efficiency philosophy made famous by Toyota Motor Corporation. Lean production […]

  • Future Proofing Your Business

    Today’s business environment is ever-changing, highly competitive and fast-paced. It is difficult to succeed in this environment if you don’t have the right tools to navigate it. With technology in a state of constant evolution, businesses can struggle to keep up with trends and stay competitive. Because the world is getting smaller and global markets […]

  • How New Accounting for Leases Will Impact Your Business

    There’s been lots of back and forth about the merits and drawbacks of off-balance sheet accounting, but no matter which side of the argument you’re on, a new standard for lease accounting has been established and it will affect your business. As demands for transparency in financial reporting rise, all leases—from office equipment to warehouses […]

  • 6 Strategies to Increase the Sale Value of Your Business

    No matter how successful your organization is and how proud you are of the business you’ve built, there will come a day when you’ll need to step aside. Whether you sell the business to a private buyer or decide to go public, relinquishing control of a company you founded and have nurtured since day one […]

  • Simplify Your Planning Process, Starting Now

    Whether your business is big, small, private, or public, clear and measurable goals are the path to true success. But too often business owners fall into the trap of outlining a detailed plan…then never referring to it again. Even with the best of intentions in place, many businesses slip back into old, inefficient ways—until the […]