Campus Candidates

Entry level accounting jobs in San Diego & Orange County that give you room to grow

Challenging career. Friendly coworkers. Upward mobility. Yes, you can have it all.

After years of hard work, you finally got your degree. Now you’re ready to put your education to work. You’ve never settled for being a nameless face in the crowd, so why start now? Haskell & White offers extensive opportunities for hands-on experience serving lots of different clients. Join a team that recognizes your value, invests in your professional growth and success and understands there is more to life than work alone.

Roll up your sleeves and dig in.

Unlike other firms, our variety of accounting jobs in San Diego and Orange County offer you the opportunity to get involved in quality client work from the start. Guided by our expert accounting and consulting professionals, you will team with colleagues from all experience levels to provide our signature brand of exceptional service to our public and private middle market clients.

Live long and prosper.

Our focus on work-life balance and continuous learning means that you’ll be supported in reaching your professional and personal objectives — without selling your soul. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, we’re there with you.

Current Opportunities for Campus Candidates

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Jump into a career, not just a job.

Haskell & White has the perfect combination of large and small firm attributes: the quality clients and professional development opportunities of a big firm paired with the personal, collegial atmosphere of a local firm.

As a member of our team, you can look forward to:

Client Variety

You’ll be exposed right away to our full range of clients, not pigeon-holed into one area. Our firm structure gives you the opportunity to work in many different market sectors on a with various client concerns. Limited travel is possible, if you choose.

Fewer Degrees of Separation

You will maintain close contact with both clients and senior management. In contrast to peer firms, we consult with staff members on client issues and we encourage you to be part of our creative problem-solving. We want to know what you think so be ready to share your opinion. We’re all about giving the best to our clients, and we know that you can help us get there.

Fast-Forward Your Career

Your career will move at a faster pace here than at a giant national or international firm. We expect more from you earlier in your career and give you technical work sooner. Our accounting jobs in San Diego and Orange County offer you access to public company projects and challenges faster than you might receive elsewhere. We give you the opportunity to operate like a professional who has been in the field for several years. We like it that way, and think you will, too.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We are serious about our commitment to clients, but we don’t let that stop us from enjoying life. Whether for team-building or just plain fun, we celebrate our successes and spend time together at regular firm outings. This includes events like our annual Del Mar “day at the races” or a harbor cruise celebrating a record-breaking year. At Haskell & White, we believe time to “chill out” is essential for a happy, productive team.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance isn’t just a catch phrase. It’s the way we run our business. Your professional life is only one aspect of your world, and we respect that. We also respect that you have personal dreams and goals and we’re dedicated to helping you achieve those, too. The key is flexibility and finding the balance to maintain a well-rounded life. Ask us about what work-life balance means to us — we’ll be happy to share our personal stories.

CPA Certification

Staying on track to receive your CPA certification is a top priority, and you’ll receive our enthusiastic support. We offer a generous CPA Exam and Certification Program package, providing time off for exams and up to $3,000 assistance with preparation and certification fees, for all eligible employees. Many of your coworkers at Haskell & White have walked in your shoes and can serve as great educational resources. Plus, on any given night, you might find an informal certification study group in one of our conference rooms.

Advanced Degree Assistance

Continuous learning is one of our core operating values. We reward your initiative in taking your career to the next level. Our professional development program provides eligible employees with 100% financial assistance in acquiring your master’s degree (with certain conditions). Furthering your education is a big commitment. Let us help you make it happen.