We maintain upstanding values that set the standard among public accounting firms

We pride ourselves on enabling the success of our clients, both celebrating their victories and embracing their challenges as our own. We strive to achieve recognition as “one of the very best” corporate accounting firms in every market we serve by consistently and efficiently providing the highest tier of technical expertise and client-centered service. Frequent training and educational support we provide to our staff enable every employee to maintain exceptional levels of professional competence and personalized attention for our clients. At Haskell & White, we are proud to deliver on these rigorous standards.

Our Mission

We maximize opportunities for the success of our clients. We provide unparalleled levels of coaching and leadership for our personnel such that all stakeholders prosper. At the same time, we support our communities through our service in charitable endeavors and as role models for ethical business practices.

Our Vision

We serve clients who have high-level technical service opportunities. We recruit and retain top talent and our people have unlimited growth potential. We support each other in achieving our mutual goals. Haskell & White is a great place to work and the most respected in our served markets.

Our Core Operating Values

Our accomplishments over the last two decades stem from a set of core operating values set forth by our founding partners. We review these values regularly with our team members and they guide our actions daily.

Ethical Behavior

We believe in doing the right thing. Every time.


We are dedicated to building a legacy of quality for ourselves and our clients.

Valuing People

We generate mutual trust and respect toward our clients and our staff.

Constant Learning

Fostering an ongoing learning environment enables us to support our staff and better service every client.


We measure our success by the success of others.

Technical expertise meets attentive service.
Contact us and we’ll prove it.

We specialize in uncovering opportunities, minimizing challenges and maximizing success for middle-market companies at every stage of development. Our team of distinguished industry professionals are there when you need us, delivering deep expertise and sophisticated accounting solutions within a fee structure that makes sense for middle-market organizations. Contact us today to discuss how we can strengthen your business with “The Value of Experience.”

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